Thursday, June 24, 2010


I LOVE BUGS!!! I have been photographing bugs for a very long time. I don't get to photograph them too often any more, but I found these two the other day about three feet apart. The setting sun was too harsh, so I enlisted my daughter to hold a piece of poster board up to block the direct sun shinning through the trees. The cicada nymph was pretty interesting to watch. It kept running around in circles around the edges of its hole. It looked like it was smoothing out the soil and cleaning up around the entrance to the hole. I had to leave before I could see if it ended up back down the hole or not. The ladybug was sitting on the leaf of a plant on my back porch.


Kerri said...

I tried to post a comment here beofre, but it did not appear. hmm. I was wondering if you tinkered with the saturation levels on the lady bug pic? It is SO vivid.

Mark Dolejs said...

Nope, I did very little to this picture. It was very late afternoon light coming in between the trees.