Friday, June 25, 2010

little birdie

While I was on my way home late last night from hangin' out with some buddies, I ended up running over a baby Robin. Well, not exactly running it over, but running my car OVER the bird without hitting it. I went back to see if it was ok, and it was laying on its back. I took it home and boxed it up for the night. Pam took the cute little birdie to Triangle Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic while I was shooting an assignment. They checked out the bird and gave it some fluids and said it was fine to return to the wild where I found it. I took it back, and within a couple of minutes it flew about fifteen feet and landed in a tree where it hung out for a while (pictured). The wildlife folks said that more than likely if it was already flying, that its momma had probably already taught it how to hunt its own food. The bird was much happier and more vocal after getting the fluids and getting back to nature. Pretty amazing that a baby bird like that can survive without any scratches, bruises or broken bones after an encounter underneath a moving car.

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