Sunday, June 13, 2010

low gap • part 2

Here are a few more pictures from Low Gap, NC. The owner of the house pictured below was very nice, even though he did not want to be in a picture. When I knocked on the door to ask permission to photograph his house and cool bird house, he invited me in without even seeing who was at the door. Apparently the bird house was built with leftover wood from a deck project behind the house. While photographing the house, apparently the man's wife let the puppy out to come see what I was up to. The flowers were on the side of the highway about a block from the house. Anybody know what kind of flowers these are? Let me know if you do!


Mike said...

Hi Mark. I found your blog... and I really like your photos! I've added your blog to the ones I follow. Keep up the good work here!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures: I think the pink are Lady Slippers and the blue might be Bachelor's buttons, maybe a wild (less showy) variety. Also know as cornflower? If I have a bit of time later, I'll check my flower reference book! Kerri