Friday, April 13, 2012

barnard, nc

These were taken in Barnard. Its a quiet place located on the banks of the French Broad River just upstream from Hot Springs. Not much to see in Barnard, the main area of interest is that there is a nice put-in for rafters and kayakers. Like the two previous posts, these photos were made in October on our way back from camping. We stopped and talked to a really nice gentleman who was sitting out in front of the building with his dog. After talking to him for a while and getting some history of the place we were unable to convince him to let us photograph him. I did sneak a picture of him when it started raining and he scrambled to put away his small tractor that he painted to look like a John Deere. He seemed to take a lot of pride in his tractor and a riding lawn mower that he had fixed up with some interesting attachments. I liked both the bowling trophy topper and the safety tips on the antlers that he mounted to the front of the mower. This was a great trip!

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