Thursday, March 31, 2011

sweater man

 I don't think I have ever seen Duke Women's Basketball Assistant Coach Al Brown NOT wearing a sweater during one of their games. I am impressed. I'm not sure how he stores them, but the man must have a huge closet. I first noticed his smart fashion sense last year, but didn't really come up with the idea to photograph the wide array of colorful knitted genius until several games into the season this year (so I missed a couple). I did however have the chance to capture 18 different sweaters by seasons end. That's a different sweater for each game...  wow. Even more impressive is the fact that Brown can wear a sweater inside Cameron Indoor Stadium and make it through the game with the sweater still on. If you have ever witnessed a game in Cameron, you know it gets quite hot in there. My guess is that his laid back demeanor allows him to keep his cool. I just have to say, Mr. Brown, I like your style!

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