Saturday, August 21, 2010

Occoneechee Mountain

I had the opportunity to hike around the Occoneechee Mountain State Natural Area in Hillsborough, NC, for a couple of hours about a week ago. I have always wanted to take the time to hike the mountain, but have never had the chance. Although the Summit Trail was somewhat disappointing, the view from the Overlook Trail was pretty nice. I found a half dozen white-tailed deer, that I apparently missed on the way up the summit trail, but noticed them on the way down. They were all laying down about 30 yards off the trail. Once they noticed I had seen them, they decided to put a little distance between me and them. There are several miles of trails around the mountain, including the 2.5 mile Occoneechee Mountain Loop Trail. Picture possibilities were abundant, but unfortunately I didn't have my macro lens with me. I am looking forward to going back and exploring a little more.

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