Tuesday, June 29, 2010

happy birthday

Today my friend David Turner would have turned 27. He lost his battle with lymphoma just before his 26th birthday, just over a year ago. David’s brother Andrew celebrated his 31st birthday yesterday with his wife Ashlee who just happened to give birth to twins, on HIS birthday, the day before David’s birthday. Yes, that’s a bunch of birthdays in a two day period. David would have been excited to be a uncle and I know he would have been proud of his big brother. The photo at right is one that I did at David's request as a Mother's Day present. I am so blessed to have been a part of David's life, even if it was only a brief time. Happy Birthday Andrew and babies, Jordan David Turner and Nicole Lynn Turner!

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Suzanne said...

You were a great friend! David once said that you had become a father figure to him, too. When he was a teen, a song David played for me was "The Measure of a Man." By his standard and mine, too, Mark, you truly measure up!